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Maria &

Wedding in Vico Equense - Bikini Hotel

Get ready to tie the knot in paradise… and seal it with a kiss! ⁣⁣

Roman and Maria’s wedding was certainly one of the most romantic of the last season and for us it was really a pleasure to photograph this splendid couple who chose Vico Equense, in the Sorrento coast. He is German, she’s Italian, both live in London and their wedding was a perfect mix of different cultures and traditions, with the catering of Bikini Beach in Vico Equense which made available to guests traditional Neapolitan cuisine with typical elements of German cuisine . Even the music was perfect, for a wedding party on the sea that will be remembered forever by all the participants.

Location: Bikini – Vico Equense Photographer: Marea Studio Photographer certified by Leica – Janara Studio – Videomaker : Fabio Stanzione

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